Cross-border SFP decision

DEFRA HAS announced how it will allocate reference amounts to farmers who have holdings spanning more than one region.

The decision has faced long delays due to the different approach being taken to implementation of the new Single Payment Scheme across the devolved administrations in the UK.

Farmers with land in more than one country should apply to the agency in the country where most of their land lies. For the crop-based schemes the reference data will be appointed on the basis of where the crops were growing during the reference period.

For livestock systems the reference data will be based on the location of the declared forage area for the reference period. A similar calculation will be used for dairy payments, based on the forage area declared in 2005.

The Country Land & Business Association has welcomed the decisions taken, in which it worked heavily with DEFRA to formulate.

Different criteria will be applied to the moorland area within the Severely Disadvantaged Areas or SDA boundary areas.

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