Cull dairy cow prices dip after summer record

GB dairy-sired cull cow prices have dropped for the second consecutive week, averaging 95.68p/kg liveweight in the week to 21 January. That was 1.07p down on the week, and 2.31p/kg lower than a fortnight ago.

According to the latest EBLEX auction data, grade one cows (including beef-sired cattle) averaged 139.21p/kg, with grade two cows at 117.53p/kg, grade three animals at 111.05p/kg and grade four stock at 91.84p/kg.

Deadweight cull cow values also dropped, by 3.3p/kg in the fortnight to 18 January, to average 222.9p/kg. “However, this is still higher than pre-Christmas levels, when the trade had fallen to as low as 207.1p/kg,” said the report.

Average cull cow values in 2013 fell below those of 2012, despite reaching record levels over the summer, it added. “At 251.7p/kg, the deadweight average was 5% lower on the year. However, this is still the second highest annual average on record.”

Prices for quality cattle were the most robust, with the –O4L average reaching a record high of 272.9p/kg. From June onwards values fell, influenced by competition from cheaper manufacturing beef on the continent.

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