Dairy cow prices forecast to stay firm

Dairy cow prices are likely to remain firm for the next six months, with numbers under pressure from TB, according to the Livestock Auctioneers’ Association.

“Dairy stock is commanding strong prices through livestock auction markets this summer,” said an official at the LAA. “This is providing producers with a vital source of income as costs of production continue to soar and milk prices fall.”

Despite the weaker milk prices, both top and lower end milking cows and youngstock continued to make good money, said Bagshaws auctioneer Meg Elliot. Commercial bulling heifers were fetching around £1,000, with three- to four-week-old commercial heifer calves realising £250 to £440 a head. Older six- to seven-month-old heifers were achieving up to £850 apiece, and even dairy bull calves were attracting bids of up to and over £150.

“I don’t see dairy prices changing a great deal during the next month or two,” said Mrs Elliot. “Trade is currently surpassing expectations and that’s good news for dairy producers.” Prices could start to ease off towards October, when herds and youngstock were rehoused for the winter, she added.












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