Dairy farmers take milk price protest to Tesco HQ

A group of Farmers For Action members descended on Tesco’s head office on Wednesday (25 October) to present a letter about low milk prices.

The letter to Sir Terry Leahy, chief executive of Tesco, was from a Jersey cow called Buttercup and it warned that unless there was an increase of at least 4p/litre in the milk price, she would end up as a beefburger on the stores’ shelves.

A Tesco spokesman said the demonstration had been good-natured and the letter had been passed on to Sir Terry.

Meanwhile, a group of 25 Scottish farmers has written to every dairy farmer in Scotland, calling on them to support a campaign to invoice their milk buyer for an extra 4p/litre.

Dairy Farmers of Scotland says it needs at least 80% of the 1200 dairy farmers in Scotland to support the campaign and plans to take any milk buyer who doesn’t pay the extra price to court.

Any farmer who has not received a letter by the end of this week should contact John Watson on 01776 870 237.