‘Dairy Godmother’ to make secret milk deliveries

Hundreds of households will wake up to free milk delivered in secret by farmers campaigning for fairer milk prices.

Scotland’s “Dairy Godmother” will deliver a free pint of milk to 300 homes in the Edinburgh area early on Friday morning (20 July).

NFU Scotland said the secret milk round initiative was a thank-you from dairy farmers to Scottish consumers for their support over the years.

But the stunt is also likely to grab the headlines and highlight the fact many farmers make a loss on every litre of milk they produce.

Many Scottish farmers face the difficult decision about whether they can afford to keep milking – putting the supply of fresh milk, cheese and other dairy products at risk.

Supermarkets were making considerable profit on every pint of milk or block of cheese they sell, while farmers were losing money, said NFU Scotland.

“We don’t think that’s fair and many Scottish consumers share that view.”

The Dairy Godmother would be encouraging consumers to contact supermarkets and ask them to deliver a fair deal to Scottish dairy farmers in the hope those involved in supplying the Scottish public with fresh milk, cheese and dairy products daily could receive a fair price for their milk.

“We believe supermarkets can easily deliver a fairer share of the substantial profits they are making from dairy products without the consumer having to pay any more,” said NFU Scotland.

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