Dairy UK to launch new website

Dairy UK has set up a website which it hopes will facilitate debate around key topics affecting the whole of the dairy supply chain – including farmers.

The Dairy Debate website -www.dairydebate.co.uk- goes live at noon on Tuesday 28 May.

The site is a platform where a question will be posed by moderators and then three experts with differing opinions on the topic will be asked to kick off proceedings.

Visitors to the site then have an opportunity to comment on the problem and share their views.

Simon Bates, Dairy UK communications director, said the website had been established by the association but it would be an independent platform for everyone and anyone to share their thoughts.

“Dairy UK’s involvement will only be as site moderators. We will be making sure that nothing offensive or illegal is posted online but we are not going to be censoring the discussions.”

The first topic chosen for discussion is whether the EU should engage in market management in the dairy sector.

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