David Miliband’s ‘wee mistake’ raised in House of Commons

DEFRA secretary David Miliband may be regretting his decision to use the ladies toilet while attending the Country Land and Business Association Centenary Conference.

It has been suggested that Mr Miliband chose to use the ladies because he wanted to avoid a repeat of the NFU conference, where he was accosted in the toilets by a Welsh farmer.

The incident was raised in the House of Commons on Thursday (17 May) by Tory shadow DEFRA secretary Peter Ainsworth.

Quizzing Mr Miliband about single farm payments, Mr Ainsworth said: “When does he [the minister] expect to look farmers in the eye? To put it another way, when does he expect to be able to start using the gents toilets at farmers’ events rather than the ladies—for fear of meeting angry farmers in the gents.”

Mr Miliband replied that he was still in correspondence with the Welsh farmer he met at the NFU.

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