DFOB heads queue to raise milk price

dfob heads queue to raise march milk price

DAIRY FARMERS of Britain is the first milk buyer to announce a March price rise after retailers started to increase their shelf prices by 3.5p/litre – with 1.5p/litre earmarked for farmers – earlier in the month. The co-op will pay its 3250 members 0.3p/litre more, with a further hike promised in April. Chief executive Malcolm Smith said: “The interim increase that we are paying for March milk relates to the extra returns that we have received during March from parts of the liquid market.” But he added: “Not all sectors of the liquid market have increased prices yet, and those that have moved have done so at different times.”


 Farmers for Action leader David Handley said: “I won”t be singing from the rooftops, but it”s a step in the right direction and more than most have done.” Tom Hind, NFU chief dairy adviser, said it was an encouraging signal, although it was slightly disappointing that the other co-ops had yet to follow suit.

Processors Arla Foods UK and Robert Wiseman Dairies have both said they hope to pay a significant increase in March. RWD said it planned to pay the full 1.5p/litre by April. Dairy Crest is also expected to announce a March increase soon.