Dioxin scare leaves UK pig prices unscathed

EU pigmeat prices in the Low Countries have been unsettled by dioxin in feed problems which were reported last week in Holland and Belgium.

As a result exports to key markets in Korea, Japan and Taiwan have been stopped until food safety issues are resolved.

Pigmeat prices in Holland and Belgium have fallen by an average of 5p/kg (£4/pig), but pigmeat values in other EU counties have held firm.

GB quotes have also remained virtually unchanged with the Deadweight Adjusted Pig Price moving up a shade to 100.86p/kg.

On the spot market signs of fewer pig numbers in the system were reflected by slightly firmer quotes with bacon bids in the 99-102p/kg range.

Lighter weight cutters continue to earn a premium of 4–6p/kg but are still 3% below values 12 months ago.

The cull sow market is also lower with export abattoirs quoting in the 74–77p/kg range, down 8p on the February 2005 position.

The euro opened on 13 February worth 68.3p – virtually unchanged on the previous week.

Weaner values also remain static with the Meat and Livestock Commission 30kg average quoted at £33.57/head ex-farm.

Pig producers with an eye on the grain market are now looking to secure long term supplies. 

There are signs that cereal prices may move upward in the months ahead with ex-farm feed wheat prices heading towards the £70/t barrier.