Direct Talk on … SFP entitlements

Farmers Weekly continues its Direct Talk initiative.

This time we’re focusing on SFP entitlements, and as before we’ve sought advice from various experts on entitlement trading, taxation and business development. Now we need your comments and questions to put to them.

Submit your questions in advance …

If you haven’t yet received the single farm payment it should be in the post soon – if the Rural Payments Agency is to be believed.

But once your cheque arrives that’s not the end of the matter. If you’re thinking of buying or selling SFP entitlements there’s a maze of rules and regulations to be negotiated.

And how you decide to spend the payment this year and during the life of the SFP scheme could ultimately affect the future of your business.

There are still so many questions, but luckily we can provide some answers.

On 10 March Farmers Weekly will be printing a five-page Direct Talk SFP entitlements special, but that’s not all.

We’ll also be setting up a special Direct Talk forum here on FWi where our panel of experts, who range from tax specialists to bankers to entitlement trading gurus, will be answering your queries

To get the ball rolling properly we’re inviting you to submit your comments in advance and be the first to get your questions answered by our expert panel. Our experts will be on our Forums from 10 March onwards and your questions will appear then.

So start talking and send us your questions. And if you’re a consultant or specialist why not join in the discussion too?

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