Top tips for easing farm cashflow

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Like most business owners, Cornish livestock farmer Bridgette Clamp was forced to think more creatively about cashflow when the pandemic hit.

Meat from the pedigree Red Ruby Devon herd at Higher Trenowin Farm had already made the family-run business a popular go-to for Penzance locals. So with the farm shop closed, Brigette and husband Steve kept sales coming in by launching delivery service Meat by Mail.

“We’re able to sell our home-produced grass-fed Red Ruby Devon beef as well as local pork, lamb and seasonal vegetables, which has been fantastic,” says Bridgette.

Cutting costs

Bridgette also made good use the time in lockdown to sort out the farm finances and work out where money could be saved or better spent.

Cost-control measures at Higher Trenowin Farm focused on everything from building efficiencies to finding a cheaper energy tariff for the farm’s utilities.

“Farmers are known for being traditional and loyal but it does pay to shop around. Look at all your suppliers and ask yourself if they are providing value for money,” she says.

Bridgette’s top money-saving tips include:

  • Keep an eye on your machinery fuel use and cut back wherever possible – for example, using dirty water for intensive operations reduces the need to use a tractor and can save up to 60% in energy costs
  • Make sure tyre pressures are correct – it will go a long way to saving the pennies on diesel
  • Think about using sodium or low-energy lighting especially in floodlit areas of your farm
  • Look at airflow in your premises to make sure you’re optimising the space as well as you can be, reducing drafts.

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