DIY potato sugar tester

A NEW DIY sugar-testing kit can help potato growers optimise production to ensure highest quality, says its UK agent.

Glucolis permits on-the-spot checks to show best lifting dates for crops destined for crisps or French fries, says Gavin Lishman of importer Martin Lishman.

Developed in France by Arvalis Institute researchers, the easy-to-use kit can also assess soluble sugars to help store management, he adds.

“It was launched in France in September, and as far as I know it’s a first in the UK.”

The kit comes with all equipment needed, including a juice extractor. Each assessment needs samples from at least 20 tubers to represent the bulk being tested.

Consumables for 30 tests, enough for an average size producer in a typical season, come with the £499 initial purchase. Further tests cost about £1.50 each (01778 426 600).