Doors to new export market opened for pig producers

British pig producers have been given access to a new and growing market following the approval of pig exports to Australia.

The agreement follows discussions by the British Pig Executive, Defra, British processors, and the Meat and Livestock Commission with Australian authorities.

Australia’s large import market has shown impressive growth over recent years, with imports increasing from 53,000 tonnes in 2003 to 78,000 tonnes by 2005.

Currently it takes most of its meat from Denmark and Canada, but BPEX said the new export agreement with the UK would offer excellent opportunities for British farmers.

 “The type of cuts Australia want are mostly those for further processing and it will be a benefit to British producers,” Jean-Pierre Garnier, BPEX export manager, said.

“We are working on a market analysis at the moment to make sure we target our exports correctly and would hope to see the first shipments going later on this year.”