Dumfriesshire tenancies in all shapes and sizes

Buccleuch Estates is letting more than 1,000ha on its Queensberry Estate in Dumfriesshire in 17 lots ranging in size from 14ha to 198ha.

The mixed-use and arable land includes whole-farm units, land with buildings and bare land.

The wide range of land types and areas has been lotted to provide opportunities for new entrants, existing tenants and to encourage new farmers into the local area, said the estate.

The 94ha Clonhie Farm will be let on a 10-year Limited Duration Tenancy and could be suitable for a new entrant, but if it is let to someone other than a new entrant, the estate says it will bring an alternative starter unit to the market.

It is planned that after 10 years the Clonhie Farm tenant would move on, freeing up the holding for another tenant looking for a start in farming.

“In the past three years, three new entrants have started farming at Queensberry together with one new entrant on the group’s Bowhill Estate, which is encouraging,” said John Glen, chief executive of the Buccleuch Group.

“In order to maintain this momentum we are striving to create a domino effect where farmers can progress up the farming ladder, enabling others to follow on.”

Most of the land will be let on Short Limited Duration Tenancies, with a view to extending them beyond the initial five-year period.

“The decision to cease our in-hand farming operation at Queensberry has enabled us to bring to the market a significant amount of land for let which offers a range of opportunities for different farm enterprises,” said Mr Glen.

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