Eggs offer solution for families feeling the effects of the credit crunch

The British Egg Information Service (BEIS) has launched a campaign to remind consumers feeling the pinch what great value eggs are.

BEIS has produced a dozen budget-beating recipes, all for under £1 per head – ranging from quick snacks such as Crunchy Veg Scramble to family meals such as Fusilli with Egg and Broccoli.

“With two eggs – still costing under 50p – plus a couple of other ingredients, you can create something quick, healthy and tasty for under £1 per head,” said Amanda Cryer of BEIS.

“Eggs can help cut food waste too – not only can they be cooked in a variety of ways themselves, they also combine well with other foods to turn leftovers into a complete meal.”

BEIS is also reminding consumers that eggs are not only one of the cheapest forms of protein but are also the highest-quality, being the standard by which other proteins are judged. They also contain essential vitamins A, D, E, and B group as well as the minerals iron, phosphorus and zinc, and are relatively low in saturated fat, making them a healthy fast food for all the family.

It added that they’re low in calories too, with only around 80 kcals per medium egg. The latest research shows that they also keep you feeling fuller for longer. “So combined with a few vegetables they can make a healthy balanced meal that can help fight off snack attacks,” she said.