Eggs rise to 30p each

The Daily Mail has warned consumers will face increasing prices for eggs as pressure is put on farmers by rising costs for inputs as well as extra costs from welfare regulations and the requirement of non-GM feed.

This comes on the back of reporting by Poultry World which detailed cuts to the free-range egg price by packers and the suggestion by some for producers to depopulate flocks early.

Individual eggs were said to be now costing 30p each, based on the prices of supermarket “own brand” free-range eggs as well as the cost of Happy Eggs. Boxes of six free-range eggs were given an average price of £1.80 at major supermarkets.

Robert Newbery, NFU poultry advisor and John Retson, chairman of the British Free-Range Egg Producers Association, were quoted as saying prices must rise.

“We will be saying that eggs are just going to have to be a bit more expensive now,” Mr Newbery said.


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