Falling beef prices – key events which led to farmer protest

Farmgate returns for beef have been in free fall over the past few months, causing anxiety and anger among British beef producers in the UK.

Dozens of producers blockaded a Anglo Beef Processors (ABP) processing plant on Thursday night (5 June), claiming that the company was importing Polish beef into the UK and undermining the British market. The company has disputed the claims and FFA are now in talks which are being described as ‘constructive’.

We look at how events over the last few months have brought matters to a head.

27 February

Disappointing figures released by Eblex show falling prices. Coupled with continuing low consumer demand means the outlook for the domestic market is gloomy. Read the full story.


28 April

AHDB/EBLEX figures reveal a sharp drop in beef farmers’ share of the retail price. While the average retail price rose in the previous quarter, farmgate prices continue to slide. Read the full story.