Farmers find commercial value in new Tesco website

Farmers who supply Tesco have been given the chance to find information on commercial trends thanks to a new farming website.

Designed in consultation with Tesco’s 12,000 UK farmers, producers and suppliers, also offers farmers information on supply opportunities into the supermarket.

The supermarket hopes farmers will use the information on offer to identify what kinds of products they should consider producing.

“For each area there’s a product forecast which shows what is happening,” a Tesco spokeswoman said.

“For example, outdoor reared pork is growing massively so it’s a good market for farmers to consider going into.”

As well as monthly updates on shopping trends, the site will include updates on work with producer clubs and upcoming events. Farmers will also be able to bulk-buy feed, medicine and other products through the site, helping them save money and operate more efficiently, Tesco said.

Steve Murrells, Tesco’s commercial director, said as well as being a valuable information resource, the site would allow farmers to have more access to Tesco.

“There is a section which gives farmers direct contact with the agricultural and commercial teams at Tesco and we want to use this to improve communication in the supply teams.”