Farmers get EID help

A farmers’ guide to EID has been produced by EBLEX.

The leaflet is designed to answer many of the questions being asked by producers in the run-up to the start of the new regime on 31 December. It covers background behind EID, equipment required, what to do about lost tags and other advice.

At the end of October DEFRA is due to send a leaflet to all registered sheep keepers outlining what they need to do to order EID identifiers. It also plans to send out a more comprehensive EID guidance booklet and technical leaflet in December.

Meanwhile, DEFRA is in discussion with the European Commission over what will happen if central point recording centres (such as markets or abattoirs) supply incomplete EID data back to farmers. Under existing cross compliance rules there is a danger farmers could be penalised.

“We are looking into this and have started discussions with the Commission, so should know more in the next 7-10 days,” DEFRA’s Terry Gurnhill told delegates at the EBLEX annual conference.