Farmers getting paid SFP before they see validated entitlement statements

The problems at the Rural Payments Agency mean that some farmers seem to be getting paid their single farm payment before they have received a payment statement or even a validated entitlement statement.

Farmers Weekly has been contacted by several producers who report that order of the paperwork seems to have gone wrong.

Posting on FWi’s Talking Point Forum KPA said: “I received [my payment] in the bank account on 28 March and also received by post the same day the remittance advice for it.  But I have not yet received validated entitlements!”

Another farmers from Lincs added: “My wife, who was just playing about on the computer and decided to check the bank statement online, squealed with delight waking me from a well earned noontime nap. 

“The payment went in the bank yesterday with no notice of payment even today and my claim had not been finally validated.”

The correct sequence of events is meant to be 1) validated statement, 2) payment statement 3) remittance advice and 4) payment.

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