Farmers highlight industry plight

Four farmers with some heavyweight financial backing are behind a national media campaign to highlight the plight facing British farms.

The group, referring to itself only as Food Security Ltd, has booked 11 advertisements in the UK’s national daily papers and other titles.

The adverts, which bear the slogan Food Short – You’re Caught and show either a dairy cow or a queue of shoppers, have already appeared in The Daily Telegraph, The Observer and Daily Mail.

The House Magazine, the weekly title read by MPs, peers and civil servants in the Houses of Parliament, has also carried one of the adverts.

One of the four farmers, a former dairy farmer now working in another livestock sector, explained to Farmers Weekly why the group and its backers had invested tens of thousands of pounds in the campaign.

“We are not anti-government, commercially or politically motivated, but we cannot stand back and watch while the industry lurches from one crisis to another.

“We’re not militant but we are angry and frustrated,” the spokesman said.

“We felt we had to take action to alert the public to the rapid decline in the amount of food produced in this country.

“The public must be told what is happening as imported food floods in and our ability to feed ourselves as a nation is eroded,” he said.

“The current perception that there is plenty of cheap food out there is short-term and irresponsible.

Any crisis, be it conflict, disease or oil shortage, could leave us in a perilous situation,” he added.

The campaign already seems to be bearing fruit as the organisers have won support from politicians spanning the party divide.

“We have also held meetings with a number of MPs including Margaret Beckett, Ben Bradshaw and Lord Bach,” said the spokesman.

For a Food Security information pack contact: 0800 138 8570