Farmers still confused on SFP

FARMERS ARE still confused and concerned about CAP reform and how the single farm payment will work, according to a survey of West Midlands producers.

More than 50% of farmers who responded to the NFU survey said they were either concerned or very concerned about the new form of support payments.

More than a quarter said they did not think they would be able to meet the new system‘s requirements.

“The survey shows that farmers and growers in the West Midlands need clearer government guidance on the SFP,” said regional director David Collier.

“There are almost as many NFU members worried about complying with the requirements as there are members who are confident of doing so without difficultly.”

The survey was carried out after a series of open meeting in the region during September.

Other findings were that one in seven farmers expects to start a new non-agricultural enterprise in 2005.

But a quarter of producers are still undecided as to whether they will join one of the new agri-environmental schemes.

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