Farmers warned that IACS 22 form is being replaced by an RLE 1

The Rural Payments Agency has announced that the old IACS 22 form and IACS 23 guidance booklet are being withdrawn.

Farmers wishing to add or delete land parcels or change boundaries to their land on the Rural Land Register (RLR) should now use the new RLE 1 form.

The form is only available on request from the RPA.

The IACS 22 form will no longer be available from the RPA, although completed IACS 22 will be accepted for the next few weeks.

An RPA spokesman said: “We are asking farmers and land agents who have IACS 22 forms, possibly even downloaded to their computers, to dispose of them and apply for an RLE 1 form if they think they may require one.

“It is a good time to clear out the old forms and to recognise they will no longer be accepted in a month or so.

“We will be flexible about accepting completed IACS 22 forms in the short-term as customers may have started an application on an old form already in their possession.”

Farmers requiring an RLE 1 form need to contact the customer service centre on 0845 603 7777 or use the RPA website

When requesting an RLE 1 they will need to quote their SBI (Single Business Identifier).

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