Farmers Weekly in new partnership to foster entrepreneurship in farming

Farmers Weekly has joined forces with the Red Meat Industry Forum, the NFU and the Fresh Start Initiative, in a groundbreaking new partnership to encourage young farmers to become the next generation of successful entrepreneurs.

The Future’s In Your Hands, a keynote event at the Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester on 1 May, will bring together some ot the most powerful people in farming with some of farming’s brightest young talent.

The event aims to begin an industry-wide debate on the future of farming in this country – and how the industry needs a new spirit of entrepreneurship to ensure its survival.

The Future’s In Your Hands will look ahead to a time when direct support for farming has been replaced by market forces – a situation only a few years away. It will be those innovative enough to spot a gap in the markets that will develop the successful farming ventures of the future.

With its industry partners, FW has invited nearly 100 young farmers between 25 and 35 years old. they will get the chance to hear from three dynamic, award-winning young entrepreneurs who have already built successful farming businesses.

They’ll also get the chance to quiz a panel of industry leaders on where they see opportunities for the next generation.

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