Farmers Weekly launches ‘Buy British’ posters

Farmers Weekly has produced two A4-sized colour posters to help bolster consumer confidence in British food in the wake of the horsemeat scandal.

The posters, which are also being shared on Twitter and Facebook, carry the message that shoppers should be looking to buy British food.

One reads: “Meat you want to eat – For food you can trust buy British, buy local.”

The other says: “British beef – You can steak your life on it.”

The posters complement a campaign launched by the NFU on Friday (15 February) which promotes the high standards that UK farmers operate to.

A set of adverts, booked by the union, will appear in the national papers from Saturday (16 February) and will be backed by a social media campaign using the hashtag #buybritish.

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You can print off copies of Farmers Weekly’s posters to show your support by downloading the PDF versions on our horsemeat scandal page.

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