Fertiliser market report: Prices are creeping up

Fertiliser prices have crept up this month, but remain in line with the rest of Europe, in some cases still a little cheaper.

Stocks of nitrogen are available, but demand is thin. Blenders are committed through to March in their raw materials for NPK and compounds are also generally available with the exception of 16.16.16 type and potato grades.

Phosphate prices have been somewhat volatile this season, and have crept up to £300/t for Triple Super Phosphate. This figure is thought to be near the seasonal peak.

Meanwhile, the weather has made a significant change to the potash market with the withdrawal of Muriate of Potash from retail sale until March. This is because across Europe, producers are preoccupied with the production of closely related road salt. The best indication to date is that blenders are unaffected by this.

In fact, the weather has helped manufacturers by delaying the spring by about a month, allowing them to catch up on deliveries, notably of NPK. Demand for this has been good with farmers buying P and K again, much to the relief of agronomists who expressed concern over declining soil indices.

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