FFA plans rural rally in Chester

FARMERS FOR ACTION is organising a ‘Countryside goes to town‘ protest on Saturday (Oct 16) to highlight rural dwellers‘ dissatisfaction with the government.

The demonstration in Chester will cover all aspects of country life such as farming, hunting, shooting, post office closures, supermarket domination and local transport.

FFA chairman David Handley said Chester had been chosen because it had a Labour-controlled council and was represented by an anti-hunting Labour MP.

“We thought it would be an opportunity to bring up what is happening in rural communities.”

Mr Handley said if the demonstration was a success then similar protests would be held around the country.

“And if we don‘t get a response then we will take this into London,” he warned.

All those interested should assemble at Chester Racecourse car park at 11 am. The group will then walk to Chester Town Hall for a rally at 12 noon.

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