FFA sees red over soya milk plug

SAINSBURY‘S HAS agreed to withdraw a label advertising soya milk on cartons containing British milk after pressure from Farmers for Action.

FFA chairman David Handley was made aware of Sainsbury‘s soya milk promotion on dairy milk cartons on Thurs (May 27).

The cartons of Welsh semi-skimmed milk carried the British Farm Standard logo, but on the label there was also an advertisement for a “dairy free alternative”, Alpro Soya.

Mr Handley called Sainsbury‘s and warned the retailer that unless the labels for the soya product were removed from the cartons within 24 hours, FFA representatives would visit Sainsbury‘s outlets and remove the labels themselves.

“I told Sainsbury’s that they were breaking trading standards regulations by putting the soya product in their milk shelves.

“We were also not happy about them using a dairy product to advertise a soya product,” Mr Handley told FARMERS WEEKLY.

On the same day, Sainsbury‘s announced it had agreed to remove references to Alpro Soya from their fresh milk labels.

The company said the promotion on soya milk was designed to offer an alternative to dairy milk for those who suffer from lactose intolerance.

It was “never positioned as direct competition to dairy products”, the company added.

“Sainsbury‘s intention is always to support and drive sales of fresh British milk,” it said.

The announcement concluded: “We have recognised that there could be some customer confusion, and no future production will carry the promotion.”

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