Firm future for UK pigmeat values

LONG TERM forecasts of stable EU wide pigmeat prices have helped to keep UK demand at fairly firm levels.

Although the GB Euro Deadweight Adjusted Pig Price closed slightly easier at 106.21p (w/c July 18), most stand on and contract prices have remained at similar levels.

Spot bacon traded in the 108–111p/kg range with lighter pigs worth 4–6p more than this, thanks to barbecue demand.

Contract prices tied to the DAPP reflect a stable market with very little price movement. Growth rates have only been slightly affected by recent hot weather throughput and finished pig availability remains tight.

The demand for cull sows is showing an easier trend due to the up-coming EU holiday period. Export buyers were quoting 70–75p/kg according to specification and availability.

The strength of the euro will also help cull sow export values, as the currency has risen 1.5p since the start of the month, to open at 69p on July 18.

Weaner values have also held at firm levels with the Meat and Livestock Commission 30kg ex farm average quoted at £34.99/head.

Meanwhile, small volumes of barley have been traded off the combine in the £61-£64/t range.

Feed wheat is being quoted at similar levels with reports of a good UK crop and large harvests in France and Germany despite the recent drought. 

Quotes for dockside delivery of soya between July and October have also eased a shade to £158.50/t, while forward prices for November to January are £4/t higher.


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