Food origin ‘increasingly important’

Telling consumers where their food comes from is increasingly important, retailers have been told.

Provenance is a useful marketing tool when targeting recession-hit consumers, said IGD chief executive Joanne Denney-Finch.

More consumers are prepared to shop around for bargains, she told delegates at the IGD Convention in London on Tuesday (11 October).

“As promotional activity increases, loyalty decreases.

“The appeal of brand heritage has been strengthening and yet 79% of shoppers feel that own brands have been improving in quality.

“The battle is hotting up and building loyalty through provenance and transparency is vital.”

More food shoppers are feeling the squeeze, according to IGD figures.

More than 40% say they’re more likely to stick to a set budget over the next six months. Over half say they look out for the price of every item they buy.
“Shoppers are more disciplined and less open to impulse and yet they do still care about quality and ethics with a growing sense of community.

“And they’re still trying to save without sacrificing quality, taking advantage of promotions and weighing up brands with own brands.”

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