Foot and mouth farm at centre of outbreak a “family-run business”

The Wanborough farm at the centre of the foot and mouth outbreak in Surrey is described by The Sunday Telegraph as being part of a family-run business geared to producing prime beef for a local butcher’s shop.


It says the cattle first identified when the Surrey outbreak was discovered on Thursday were in a rented field used by Roger Pride, a local farmer and butcher, to fatten livestock for the butcher’s shop the family runs in nearby Elstead, outside Guildford.

Mr Pride’s identity was withheld by Farmers Weekly throughout Saturday. A local contractor, Ray Simmonds, told one FW journalist yesterday: “He’s one of the safest people about.”

Local beef producer Angus Stovold, who farms within the exclusion zone, assured the BBC: “The farmer is a really good farmer. All the animals I’ve seen from him have been really good.”

Mr Pride, who is in his forties, runs the businesses with wife Valerie and his father, Derrick, 78, who owns another farm nearby.


Also cordoned off is a rented 12ha field in the nearby village of Normandy, incorporating the hamlet of Wanborough, where the Prides typically let about 20 cattle graze during the summer.  


The Sunday Times quotes Roy Taylor, who lives on the same road as Derrick Pride: “I’ve got great sympathy for Derrick Pride and every other farmer. After what farmers went through last time, they deserve some sympathy.”


Further coverage of the Pirbright foot and mouth outbreak

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