FW Awards: 19 days left to enter

Now’s the time to recognise the unsung heroes of the farming industry in the Farmers Weekly Awards 2013.

It has been a tough year so far, testing the mettle of everyone involved in agriculture. There are many farmers, contractors and advisers who are worthy of praise for excelling under the harshest conditions the UK has seen in 50 years. So we want to hear your business success stories.

Don’t let your story go untold – there are only 19 days left until the deadline. Put your farm business forward under one of the 15 categories by 30 April.

Alternatively, you can nominate someone else. The Farmers Weekly Awards are a great way to give others a pat on the back. Just making that nomination is a way of saying you recognise their efforts and saying thank you to a fellow farmer, worker or adviser.

For those who go on to win at the awards ceremony in October, the benefits can be far-reaching for their businesses and their careers.

Enter or nominate now

Visit the Farmers Weekly Awards site or call Linda Kimberley on 020 8652 3304.