FW’s Milk Price review moves with the times

FW’s Milk Price review moves with the times

THE DAIRY sector is changing fast. Milk prices remain too low for many farmers to make a profit, let alone reinvest. At the same time, input and overhead costs continue to rise. And big changes in Brussels support schemes are likely to increase the economic pressure on farming businesses.

While some producers have chosen to give up, others are determined to carry on. Many are choosing to increase milk production in a bid to boost efficiency and cut costs.

To reflect this trend we have made several changes to our Milk Price Review table. The key difference is in our standard litre. From now on this will be based on collections of 2201 litres of milk a day (just over 800,000 litres/year). Our previous standard litre used 1501 litres/day.

While this should reflect better the price the average farmer receives, there will be many producers supplying more or less milk. To help them to compare prices, we have added an extra three collection volume columns – 1501 litres/day, 3001 litres/day and 4001 litres/day – to the table.

Due to space constraints, these additional columns will not appear regularly in the magazine. They will, however, appear on our website www.fwi.co.uk each month. To find the table, click onto “prices” in the left hand menu on FWi”s home page then click on milk prices.