FWi guide to filling in 2007 single payment form – Scotland

Farmers in Scotland need to submit a Single Application Form (SAF) to SEERAD no later than Tuesday, 15 May, if they wish to make claims under a variety of support schemes.

SEERAD has warned “substantial penalties” will apply to late claims submitted after May 15 and up to June 11.

The schemes covered by the SAF are –

A separate application form also needs to be submitted by May 15 for claims under LMCMS. Late claims will be ineligible.

Farmers should note that a SAF has to be completed if it is intended to claim under SBCF although individual claims can be made at any time up until December 31.

Following changes in the timing of Less Favoured Areas (LFA) support, a separate claim form will be issued when the scheme is approved by the European Commission. However, any LFA land farmers wish to be taken into account must be declared on the SAF.

It is also important to advise SEERAD if an agent is submitting a form on your behalf.

The most important advice to farmers is to ensure the SAF is submitted on time to avoid late submission penalties. Delivering your completed form by hand to your local SEERAD area office – making sure you get a receipt – is strongly recommended.

If you post your application, make sure you pay the correct postage. Envelopes with insufficient postage will be returned to sender by the Post Office. If posting, recorded delivery is recommended.

Applications can also be submitted on-line using the SEERAD Online system.

Above all, don’t leave it until the last minute. And carefully check your acknowledgement letter from SEERAD to that any queries can be followed up immediately.

  • Include all land you farm in the UK as of May 15. Changes should be notified to SEERAD on a Land and Business Change Form (LBCF)
  • Complete all the sections relating to your farming business
  • Check that the area declared does not exceed the maximum eligible area for SFP or set-aside
  • Check the Field Data Sheet totals match those on the Base Form, and the number of Field Data Sheets correspond with the number declared
  • Enter your 10-month start dates at question 1 on the Base Form, ensuring no overlap with 2006
  • If SFP entitlements have been transferred, make sure the transfer has been confirmed by SEERAD before submitting forms

You should also ensure any set-aside declared is on eligible ground and that all set-aside entitlements are claimed, otherwise standard entitlements will be restricted.

If claiming SFP on land that is let out or rented from another party, make sure the other party is not claiming on the same land, and ensure any seasonal arrangement is covered by an appropriate lease detailing who is responsible for Good Agricultural and Environmental Condition (GAEC).

Also note that the code OTH no longer exists on the forms, so ensure you use the new codes introdcued each year.

  • Have you signed and dated all the documents as required?
  • Have you enclosed all supporting documentation and included any LMCMS options on the data sheets?
  • Remember to tick the box at question 6 if you want to be paid in Euros
  • Double check all forms before submission. Make any amendments clearly and legibly and initial the change and keep a copy for your own records.
  • If you are posting the form, have you put on the correct postage?

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