GB potato stocks low, utilisation lower

Around 1.81m tonnes of potatoes remained in growers’ stores at the end of February, according to the latest British Potato Council estimate for British producer stocks.

Utilisation of home crop supplies from the beginning of July 2005 to end of February 2006 was calculated at 4.1m tonnes – 7% down on the five-year average.

But 2005’s smaller crop means that at 1.81m tonnes, stocks are the lowest in five years, except for 2003.

Volumes going for human consumption are similar to last year, but fewer potatoes are being lost for stock feed or through wastage.

The next BPC update will be released on 13 April.

Crop year 

 2000 2001 2002  2003  2004  2005 
Production* 5998 6417  6694  5819  6009  5772 
End Feb utilisation* 4267  4515  4876  4246  4184  4095 
End Feb stocks* 1827  2207  2124  1737  1930  1806 

*Volumes in 000’s tonnes

Source: BPC