Germany makes a stand against further red tape

Gold-plating EU legislation is to become a thing of the past in Germany, agriculture minister Horst Seehofer told farmers and food industry representatives at this week’s Berlin Green Week.

“The coalition government has given a commitment that in future EU Directives will only be implemented on a one-for-one basis,” he told the opening ceremony.

“Anything more would only lead to more red tape.”

The government was due to meet with representatives of the 16 regional Lnder on 27 January to draw up plans for a war on bureaucracy, he said.

He invited farm leaders to present a list of areas where red tape could be cut.

President of the German farmers’ union, Gerd Sonnleitner, welcomed the new minister’s commitment.

But he doubted the government’s ability to deliver.

“My experience tells me that someone who is engaged in writing laws, directives and regulations is unlikely to be able to get rid of them very quickly,” he said.