Good yields but poor prices

Mr Morrison is pleased the wheat and spring barley are yielding well, but is frustrated by the “diabolical prices”.

He has harvested 60ha (150 acres) out of the total 100ha (250 acre) wheat crop.

On average yields have been between 8.65 and 8.03 t/ha (3.25 – 3.5 t/acre) with as much as possible being sold for distilling.

The wheat is made up of Claire, Riband, Consort and Robigus. He was most impressed with the Riband yielding 12.36 t/ha (5 t/acre) on a 10ha (25 acre) field after potatoes.

“It produced some of the best yields I‘ve ever seen.”

His Claire had sprouted in the ear, but Mr Morrison harvested it quickly to avoid significant problems. The Robigus “looks good”, he also added.

Rain last night stopped Mr Morrison from harvesting today (Sept 6), but when the crops dry out sufficiently he will continue with the barley, as it looks more damaged than the wheat.

If the weather remains dry and settled, then he hopes to finish harvest by the end of the week.