Government advice on exporting farm produce

Funding and advice to help producers enter the export market is available from government department UK Trade and Investment (UKTI). At the recent FARMA conference, Parminder Hayer, international trade advisor at UKTI outlined the help available.

What is UKTI?

  • A UK government department dedicated to helping businesses grow through international trade, with specialists in the UK and globally
  • It has offices in 96 countries offering market advice, and has a dedicated food and drinks team
  • Staff working in British embassies, high commissions and consulates globally
  • Has a big push to access emerging markets.

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Who can benefit from exporting?

  • Businesses of any size can export – it is probably easier for bigger companies, but the main factor is the product
  • Ideally it is best to tackle the UK market first and become familiar with regulations here, before looking overseas
  • Exporting can help make a business more competitive, productive and resilient
  • To see if your business is eligible for UKTI help, visit

What help does UKTI offer?

  • UKTI have about 10 packages- both free and part-funded, which offer a range of services, including:
  • Help to produce an expert plan to prepare you for export, plus training and mentoring
  • Setting up meetings and introductions overseas with key people
  • Helping potential exporters understand how to do business abroad, including cultural awareness
  • A 12-month plan of tailored support and £1,000 match funding
  • Assistance in preparing your website for a different audience and language
  • Insight into overseas markets, including market research, country socio-political information, export regulations, trends and competitor activities
  • Funding of £1,000-£2,000 for small- and medium-sized enterprises to attend an overseas trade show or exhibition
  • Organised group trade missions.

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