Greening calculator helps plan 2015 cropping

A new online CAP reform greening calculator should quickly clarify whether a farm conforms with the confusing three-crop rule.

The requirement comes into force in January 2015 so cropping this autumn must be compliant, points out Graham Redman of consultant Andersons.

More on the three-crop rule

The John Nix Farm Management Pocketbook offers a new downloadable Excel Greening calculator for online subscribers. This allows users to calculate their greening requirements by entering a farm’s cropping details, permanent pasture and non-farmed area.

The calculator will then automatically assess the farm’s Ecological Focus Area and crop diversification requirements.

A check can then be made to calculate if EFA requirements are already met though current on-farm features such as hedgerows, ponds, buffer strips and other EFA eligible areas.

The calculator will tell you if you have met the requirement or how much additional EFA area is needed.

“As legislation stands, farmers could lose out on 30% of their BPS payments for non-compliance with greening,” said Mr Redman, editor of the pocketbook.

“This tool can help farmers make the necessary changes before the legislation comes into force.”

The book (paperback or online) and a series of tools are available at The e-pocketbook costs £23.40 including VAT, or £35 including VAT for a print copy of the publication.