Half of supermarkets back British pork

Half of major supermarkets now fully support British pork, according to latest figures from BPEX.

Six out of 12 retailers stocked 100% British pork and of the 10 who featured Quality Standard Marks, six had over two-thirds of all products featuring the QSM, it said.

For bacon, just three retailers (Budgens, Co-op and Waitrose) had over 80% of products marked as British and within those featuring the QSM, only Budgens and Co-op had over two-thirds of products carrying the Mark.

Three retailers (Budgens, Sainsburys and Waitrose) had over two-thirds of British ham products, and Morrisons was the only supermarket having over 25% of products featuring the QSM. Netto and Aldi apparently had no British ham product ‘facings’ at all.

As for sausages, budget supermarket Aldi led the market with 100% British, with Marks & Spencer, Budgens and Waitrose all over 90%. Only Netto, Morrisons and Lidl had less than half their facings marked as British. Aldi and Sainsburys had over 50% of products carrying the QSM.