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Help service for farmers and landowners

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Our highly experienced team of accounting and finance experts advise thousands of farmers every day and many of the team are from farming backgrounds so understand the challenges that come with running a farm.

We are unique in the farming industry with local offices and local people, which means we are part of the community, your community, we understand local situations and have local contacts, supported by a national network of offices across the UK.

In addition to core accounting we offer specialist advice in obtaining or restructuring finance, inheritance tax planning, diversification, insurance, agricultural property relief, maximising tax reliefs and reviewing business structures, with a client led service offering bespoke solutions to local rural businesses.

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The Issue

Agricultural businesses are facing their biggest threats in a generation.

But these challenges are not just financial – it’s also about the anguish of leaving crops in fields, losing stock built up over generations, the pain of watching an established way of life struggle to survive.

It’s hard, and it will get harder. You need help to get through this difficult period, both from a business perspective and for your own wellbeing. That help and solution starts here.

One of the UK’s biggest agricultural accountants and the UK’s leading asset advisers, Baldwins and SIA Group, have teamed up to provide a unique offering – a tailored agricultural scheme for survival and future prosperity.

The Offer

You have to do the hard bit.

That is asking for help. From that point on you will get a rapid response from us. We look at the whole picture.

From a review of business facts and figures, to the land, to the key people and everything in between. Our solutions will include short-term solutions and long-term objectives and will focus on your needs.

Each farm business is unique, so it naturally follows that your solutions are too. Short-term breathing space will be created to allow long-term business planning.

Timelines and actions will be set for both farmer and funder. Plans implemented. All specific to your needs.

  • Restructuring valuations and advice
  • Planned and time sensitive disposals to maximise realisations, to include crops and livestock
  • Machinery, property and land valuations
  • Advice on grants and agricultural tax breaks, to include financial help
  • Wellbeing support

Why do it like this?

Quite simply it brings about more advantageous outcomes for the farmer, funder and all associated parties.

The solutions we design focus on timely realisation of crops and livestock rather than simply tangible assets alone – what is in the fields and what is under them are given careful consideration.

Agreed plans of action for both the farmer and funder will help lift immediate pressures and improve wellbeing.

John White

For further information contact John White, director at Baldwins Accountancy.

In times like these we are here to help.