Helpline launched for farm workers

Agricultural employees worried about wages and working times are being offered free advice through a workplace helpline.

The Pay and Work Rights helpline, launched as part of a government campaign to raise awareness of workplace rights, will allow farm workers to obtain advice and report abuse.

Developed with employers and trade unions, the helpline will also offer advice on minimum wages, employment agency standards and gangmaster licensing.

Previously calls on these issues were taken by separate government bodies

Business Minister Pat McFadden said it was vital workers could report abuses and gain advice in a simple way.

“By consolidating the current complex system of different helplines for different issues into one single number we are making it easier for workers to report abuses and for government to respond,” he said.

“This is an important step and we are determined that the recession does not become an excuse to deny people their basic rights at work”.

The contact the helpline dial 0800 917 2368.

Information is also available on and

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