Hot oilseed rape presents storage risk

The very hot weather has led to some oilseed rape samples being too hot to go straight into store because of the risk that it will spontaneously combust.

Merchants are advising growers to cool rape to 25C or lower, although they acknowledge that when ambient temperatures are way above this day after day, not everyone will have the ability to do this.

Cooling at night is an option, while storekeepers are charging £2-3/t to cool seed down.

“Storekeepers don’t like putting hot seed into store as it can sweat, this in turn can lead to either hot spots which can be dangerous or the seed could go off, for which the storekeeper would be held liable,” said trader David Whyte of United Oilseeds.

Seed going direct to a crusher was not normally a problem as crushers were generally using the seed quickly.

Deliveries direct to boats should also not present a problem, as this was not long-term storage, said Openfield’s John Thorpe. He had had a handful of reports of over-hot oilseed rape but said that quality had generally been good.