Image of agriculture isn’t sexy enough

The image of British agriculture simply isn’t sexy enough to attract new blood, Philip Wynn, head of Aubourn has warned.

“There are perilously few young people studying for qualifications and entering farming these days because they wrongly believe there is little or no future in it. With an aging workforce, this is extremely worrying,” said Mr Wynn. 

Mr Wynn said the company had commissioned a freelance writer to speak to agricultural students from the University of Lincoln, as well as industry specialists, to try to find out what the problems are.

“What emerged was that more had to be done to spread the news to the wider population that modern farming is a technology-driven, dynamic, creative occupation employing diverse skills from IT to marketing.

“As one of our interviewees pointed out, all industries have their share of issues, yet somehow when it comes to agriculture, the grass is greener elsewhere,” he added.

 “What we need are enthusiastic, bright, high-calibre youngsters who can look beyond the popular myths and consider lending their talents to an industry that contributes £6.6 billion a year to our economy and can offer a viable and rewarding future.”

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