Know your rights – NFU offers training for supermarket suppliers

The NFU is offering discounted training to farmers about their rights when trading with the UK’s 10 biggest supermarkets.

The NFU is running a one-day session for its members on 20 October at its headquarters in Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire. It will run all day and include case studies of trading negotiations. 

The course will train suppliers on the Groceries Supply Code of Practice (GSCOP) – legislation introduced in 2010 that sets out rules on fair trading for the UK’s 10 biggest retailers.

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Christine Tacon, the groceries code adjudicator, who’s role it is to make sure retailers stick to the code, has repeatedly encouraged suppliers to learn about the code so they are better placed to defend their rights when negotiating with supermarkets.  

level of understanding of the GSCOP in the adjudicator’s annual survey conducted this year, while 20% said they were not even aware of it.

What the course will cover

The course will explain what the GSCOP is, why it was set up, its key elements and the role of the adjudicator.

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It will cover how to use the code in trade negotiations, how to raise concerns about breaches of the code and how trade associations can help.

The day will be interactive, using case studies to demonstrate how GSCOP can safeguard farming business from unfair dealing.

How to book a place

The course price is £110 a person, which is a 70% discount on the usual training rates. It is only open to NFU members. 

To book, email

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