Lamb prices remain level at Coleraine

Ringside at Kilrea Livestock Mart, Coleraine, Northern Ireland

Some 550 spring lambs sold to a top price of 390p/kg at Monday’s (14 May) sale – relatively unchanged on the previous week. Good-quality lambs averaged 380-390p/kg, with the rest at 362-389p/kg and all averaging 365p/kg. “Trade is still good – I don’t see prices changing much, but the lamb market is strongly affected by the euro, so we will have to watch that closely,” said the auctioneer from HA McIlrath & Sons. Dairy cow quality was lower at Tuesday’s sale, with calved heifers selling between £1,250 and £1,600 a head. “Second-class heifers averaged about £1,400.”

Omagh Market sold 155 hoggets on Saturday (12 May)at 283-327p/kg, with 130 spring lambs ranging from 365p to 406p/kg.

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