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Change. If there’s one word that encapsulates the alarming events in property markets since FW’s spring edition of this Property Special, it has to be that.

The last two weeks have seen the unthinkable become reality. First, a major US investment bank slides into disaster – while another is rescued at the brink of the precipice.

Next, our government facilitates and approves a merger between troubled HBOS and Lloyds TSB, creating a mortgage giant with nearly a one-third market share, something unimaginable in normal economic times. Then there’s the current uncertainty about whether the US government will go-ahead with its $700bn bail-out of the US financial industry.

All of which makes this edition of Property Special essential reading. Below is a list of articles that will help you understand what’s going on at home and abroad and also provide some advice for those looking to sell their farm or diversify into new areas:

combining wheatWheat prices have a direct link to farm values



Rural cottagesEnergy rating for rural properties



welliesUnderstanding the forces behind global investment




Arable farm for saleSo you want to…sell your farm



building housesLong-term gains are still to be had from development land



stormy skyInvest in agriculture and ride the recession storm



Cow and wind turbineCashing in on wind potential




Farm for sale

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