Land Registry targets rural trusts

The Land Registry is taking steps to ensure all land in England and Wales is registered before 2012 by targeting land owned by trusts.

Currently 40% of land, most of it rural, is unregistered because compulsory registration is only triggered when the land is sold, mortgaged, bequeathed or given away.

Land owned by trusts escapes compulsory registration and the £30 to £525 fee that incurs.

“Much of the unregistered land is owned by trusts and we want to draw this category of land in to make the registry more comprehensive,” a Land Registry spokeswoman told Farmers Weekly.

“To this end we intend to consult this summer on two new triggers that will make registration compulsory,” she said.

The two triggers will operate whenever a new trustee is appointed or at the partitioning of unregistered land held in trust amongst the beneficiaries of the trust.

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