Latest Face of the Future says farmers need to get a better understanding of urban life

If farmers want to inform the public about the provenance of food, they need to gain a better understanding of life in Britain’s towns and cities.

That’s the view of Doncaster, South Yorks dairy farmer Martin Drake, the latest Massey Ferguson Face of the Future.

“Our priority should be to gain a better understanding of life in urban areas, because people in towns and cities are our main customers..”

“We need to join in with as many urban community actitvities as possible, even if it involves travelling some distance and getting into situations that might be outside our comfort zones.”

Martin has a distinct advantage over many farmers because his family dairy farm is just a few miles from Doncaster with its 200,000 population. A passionate Conservative supporter, he is also a Party List candidiate, which makes him eligible to apply for a parliamentary seat at the next general election.

He is adamant that all farmers should play their part in finding out more about public thinking as well as improving general relations.

You can see the full text of the interview with Martin Drake and the 23 other Faces of the Future published in Farmers Weekly since the series began in  September 2005 in our special MF Faces of the Future section on FWi.

Equally, if you think you’d make a good Face of the Future – or you know someone else who fits the bill – get in touch. You need to be under 35, making good headway in farming or a related industry and have definite views about the future of the sector, email

Massey Ferguson is also sponsoring the Young Farmer of the Year category in the 2007 Farmers Weekly awards.



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