Levy board DairyCo seeks farmer help for consumer campaign

Levy board DairyCo needs farmers’ help for its latest campaign to show shoppers the high quality of their milk.

The ‘It’s in our hands’ initiative is about to tour five UK regions, sharing real-life stories of dairy farmers and their cows with the public.

Under the #DiscoverDairy banner, shoppers coming to the stand will be encouraged to pledge to seek out quality logos such as Red Tractor on dairy products.

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And DairyCo also wants farmers to send in pictures of their hands at work or of their farm and herd.

These will be used as part of the social media drive running alongside the new campaign.

Any farmers who want be involved in speaking to the public in different regions should also get in touch with the levy board.

DairyCo head of marketing and communications Amanda Ball said the aim was to explain the responsible standards behind farm assurance schemes.

“Showing the public the passion and commitment and high standards that go into every litre of milk produce, gives the public a reason to value our dairy products.”

The #DiscoverDairy stand will first visit Nottingham for the Milk Race on 23-24 May.

DairyCo also hopes to take the stand to the Royal Cornwall, Royal Welsh and Royal Highland Shows, as well as one more regional event.

Farmers from nearby will be on hand to speak to the public about everyday life in their dairy businesses.

“All events and campaign activity will feature regional farmers, their stories and of course their dairy cows,” Ms Ball said.

“This will all be promoted through regional PR, on social media via @thisisdairy on Twitter and on the new Facebook page This Is Dairy Farming.”

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